We are a unique UHC network hosting all types of UHC's around the clock.
We are based around the feedback and ideas of the Reddit UHC Community.

Lots Of Exciting New Features To Bring The Best Experience To You.

Shrinking Borders

All our UHC's come with Shrinking boarders, something not many servers have!

UHC Types

We have a variety of UHC types rotating on all our UHC servers.

Stay Connected

All our server stats and ranks are all synced togeather!


All our servers are connected to a global leaderboard shown in-game and online!


We have unique and custom
Anti-Cheat system based around UHC and PVP!

Trained Hosts

We train all our hosts to be the best possible allowing you to have the best game possible!


All UHC's are now connected and share the same data and stats!

Check Out Our Great Collection Of Servers!


UHC1 Will revolve around NORMAL UHC meaning Vanilla Survival with UHC Added.


UHC2 Will revolve around CUTCLEAN UHC meaning instant ores and cooked food.


UHC3 Will revolve around Multiple games times such as Dimandless, Goldless, Triple Ores etc.